Officers of the

2nd (“We revolt harder!”)

Virginia Regiment - NWTA

Board of Directors

President -- Al Potyen
(see mention in book review)

First Vice President -- Sandy Johnson *

Second Vice President -- Steve Nelson *

Recording Secretary -- David Jahntz

Quartermaster (Treasurer) -- Bill Bahr **


Field Officers

Lieutenant – J Perkins

Sergeant – Al Potyen

First Corporal – Steve Nelson

Second Corporal – John Breslin


Service Staff

Archivist – Sandy Johnson

Medic – David Jahntz

Webmaster – Bill Bahr      

Revolutionary War Book Reviews

Supply Staff

Commissary Officer – Marilyn Potyen

Patternmaster – John Breslin

Ordnance Officer – Al Potyen


*  Personally prefer titles as First and Second Presidents of Vice!  : )  

**  Your most humble, affectionate, and obedient servant:  Bill (“of Rights” or “me later after I’ve left the”) Bahr, sometimes revolting summer soldier & sunshine patriot!  : )   : )  

All the way with 2VA!

In remembrance:  1st Commander (1775):  Colonel William Woodford

Last Commander (1782):  Colonel Christian Febiger

2VA Constitution

2VA Bylaws

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